Beast Wars, SoftImage, and History Lesson

I was ecstatic when I finally located the video that revealed the software used to create Beast Wars in 1996. SoftImage was the weapon of choice for Mainframe Entertainment (now called Rainmaker Entertainment), who previously created the hit show ReBoot. I also discovered that this was a pivotal moment in history for the 3D software. Us animators should know the history of our craft, so here are a few notes about SoftImage in ’96:

1)Inverse kinematics(IK) was introduced
2)Raytracing was introduced
3)Preferred software for companies such as Digital Domain, ILM, Blue Sky Studios, BUF, and R/GA
4)Used to create Dragonheart, The Mask, Twister, ReBoot, Beast Wars, Jurassic Park , Mortal Kombat the movie, and Tekken the game

The first video is Beast Wars – behind the scenes, and the second one is Softimage’s 1996 promotional reel:


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